Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Mission Accomplished!

The chemo cap for Chris's SIL is finished. It took me a little over two hours total to knit, and I seamed it up last night. I made the smaller size and hope it fits. Feedback from others tells me that the larger size runs a bit too big. If necessary, I'll whip up another one. A quick email was sent to LA last night to get an address for mailing. Blue chemo cap will be on it's way before Friday afternoon.

Chris says I have a good heart. Is that the same as saying, like we did in high school about people who weren't really desirable for dating, that one has a "good personality"? LOL Egads!

Since it's getting cold around here, I'm thinking about a big project to start. I've pretty much decided I need (and want) to knit a Log Cabin blanket a'la Mason-Dixon. I haven't decided on yarn yet, except it has to be washable, and I don't think I want to use cotton. Firewood is being delivered Saturday for the trusty, efficient woodstove.

I did donate some yarn - odds and ends and stuff I won't use - to Mayhem's Brownie troop this week. A little stash reduction. Of course, what I bought when I purchased the yarn for the chemo cap out-weighed what I donated. *sigh*

And then there's this:

In late June, my dear friend Bill went to Scotland. Knowing I love to knit, he brought me these two skeins of yarn. The blue is hand-spun, hand-dyed cashmere. The other skein is 100% Mulberry Silk! This buddy of mine went into a yarn shop in St. Andrews, Scotland all by himself, and picked out yarn for me. Each of them is enough for a scarf... 123 yds and 140 yds are the measurements if I converted them correctly. I have been scouring patterns ever since trying to find something that speaks to me. Any ideas???


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