Tuesday, October 24, 2006

It's a beautiful night for knitting... um... baseball!

Game Three of the World Series is tonight. I love baseball! And the normal Tuesday night lineup is all re-runs, so I don't even have to flip back and forth between channels or worry about missing a single minute of the Tigers! To make it even better, I can knit here in front of the fire. There's also no line for the bathroom.

Some photos to update things for you all. First up, the finished blue chemo cap. I did make two sizes which is why they aren't in the mail yet. Tomorrow they head out of T-Town courtesy of the US Postal Service.

Next up, October snow! I love, love, love snow. Can't get enough of it! Imagine my delight when the white stuff fell already this fall. More than once even! *Happy Dance*

And lastly, a beautiful fall day at a metropark here in T-Town.

I hope life is treating you well. Remember, the biggest deterrent to a great life is a good life. Dare to go after the great life you deserve!


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