Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Seventy with a chance of snow

Ahhhhh, spring is in the air. Today it reached 70 degrees in my fair city! Blue skies, sunshine and mud, mud, mud! Boor Bruno and Coco. They love the mud, but don't enjoy the rigorous battle with the towel to get the paws clean each time they come back into the house. The warmth won't last much past tomorrow, though. By Saturday we are to expect snow in the forecast again. Hopefully not enough to shovel.

I knitting news, the Booga Bag for Christabelle's birthday is nearly complete. I do have to do the miles and miles of i cord (OK, really it's 6 feet) for the handles still. Then into my trusty Kenmore for felting it will go.

The cuff of my Wild Thing sock is knit! I have begun the heel! Woohoo! I love turning the heel of a sock. I always feel so doggone accomplished. Plus, there's the bonus of knowing I'm nearing the home stretch. Work has really been getting in the way of finishing this beautiful sock. I've had to bring paperwork home from school the last two nights in a row! Hmmmmph! How rude.

That's all the news that's fit to print. Really. Everything else I have an opinion on today would involve really foul language. Trust me on this. Seriously.

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