Sunday, October 03, 2010

The Proof

I promised some photographic evidence of Mayhem in knitting action, and I have it for you today. She is getting faster, and more proficient. When her dad picked her up this evening for his week with the kids (we alternate weeks with our custody), she made sure to pack up her knitting and take it along. Perhaps she'll need to learn to purl in two weeks...

Mayhem knits!

Mayhem knitting

There's also an FO alert! Dad's socks are finished, and I dropped them off at my younger sister's house this afternoon. She will deliver them to Dad tomorrow. I'm particularly pleased that I was able to make the stripes match up.

Socks for Dad

These would have been done about a week sooner, but I decreased too many stitches at the gussett and didn't discover my mistake until I was nearly ready to start the toe decreases. UGH! I had to rip all the way back to the gussett. Absent-Minded Professor could get them on his feet today, so I'm pretty sure that they will fit Dad okay.

Tomorrow is Monday and it's back to PT and my wonderful torturers.

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