Monday, May 02, 2011

Signs of Life

Today I took a look around the yard and found plenty of signs of life, despite the cold, rainy spring we've had so far. April was the second rainiest we've had on record here in T-Town, with about 6.5" of rain! I still have my furnace turned on, set at about 66*, and it kicks on at night most nights.

This tulip, all by itself, is out in my yard, not in the flowerbeds! Note the fact that we're into May and it still hasn't bloomed.

Lone red tulip

Hostas and Lilies of the Valley in my shady corner of the front yard

Hostas and lily of valley

My lilac bush... not quite ready to bloom. It will smell heavenly when it does, though.

Lilac almost ready!

The crabapple tree in the front yard will bloom any second now. I can tell that it's Mother's Day, or nearly, when this tree blooms.

Crabapple buds

Bill loves these tulips planted in front of the house.

red/yellow tulips

And don't forget the daffodils! I don't remember anymore what variety these are, but they are so ruffly and pretty.

double daffs

So where have I been? Mostly busy with family. My Dad became very sick after the holidays, and was hospitalized in early March. After an infection that nearly killed him, a major, life-changing operation, 7 weeks in the hospital and rehab center, he is finally back home. He still has stage IV cancer, of course, but is more stable and has less pain. Bill has been a lifesaver for me through it all, helping with the kids and the dogs and keeping me sane (mostly!).

My beloved knitting friends knit me a blanket, to comfort me, and wrap me in a hug. Anytime I leave home to stay at Mom & Dad's it goes with me.


The pattern is Barn Raising from the book Knitalong by Larissa Golden Brown. Each of those squares is knit from sock yarn!

Of course, I am still knitting. Most recently, I whipped up some preemie hats for donating.

preemie hats

And I made a baby sweater for a knitting friend who is expecting this summer.

Tulip baby sweater

I learned something new on that sweater; applied i-cord! It was fun, and made for such a nice, finished edge. Another friend is expecting, so I'm deciding what else to knit, along with working on finishing UFO's.

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Blogger jybquilter said...

I just found your blog and I'm so happy! I'd like to keep up with you and your doin's.

Thursday, May 5, 2011 at 3:38:00 PM EDT  

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