Tuesday, November 28, 2006


Never did I imagine I would be so excited about a new vacuum! Hoover just hasn't been keeping up with the kids and the Labs so I decided to try out the Dyson Animal. You know, the purple one. Absent-Minded Professor suggested we conduct our own un-scientific experiment and run Hoover through the family room before using the new vacuum. Poor Hoover. Hoover should be embarrassed. I won't tell you how many times the new Dyson was emptied even after Hoover had the first shot at the room. Bye-bye, Hoover.

The Sheep Shop Wool and pattern for the two-tone raglan have arrived! Yummmy! A whole box of beautiful green wool, colors F29 and F31. The pattern arrived printed on heavy card stock and was already in a plastic page protector. I have put the restriction on myself that I cannot start knitting this sweater until I have completed the holiday knitting. Hopefully that keeps me motivated. Two of the clutches are completely knitted and sewn, and await their trip through the wash to be felted. The third is on the needles.

And cables? What of the cables you ask? What took me so long?! I love the cables! Irish Hiking Scarf is growing by leaps and bounds. It goes with me everywhere. I am looking at other cable projects and books already. One book on my list is the Vogue Knitting Stitchionary Two - Cables. What a beautiful book!

So, I've been knitting like crazy. I've acquired some new yarn and a new vacuum.


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