Saturday, November 18, 2006

Someone Has to Lose

We're talking football here. Michigan football. Both teams can't win. Unfortunately, MY team didn't win. *sigh* It sure was an exciting game, though! OSU's quarterback had an amazing game, and the boys in Blue were outplayed. Plain and simple. Someone. Has. To. Lose.

I also found out there's a traitor in my house. Someone is rooting for *gasp* the other team! Yes, for the guys in Columbus. It's a sad, sad day. Absent-Minded Professor spent the game shouting "Go Buckeyes!" eeeeewww I shudder when I even type the words. I think the 3 months in the incubator and all that time on oxygen messed up his brain or something. Either that or he's succumbed to the peer pressure at school. Maybe he needs a crash course in the Nancy Reagan School of "Just Say No."

Thank goodness Mayhem still has her priorities straight!

Knitting is going and going and going. This past Thursday was spent sitting all day in a mandatory school inservice for our entire school district. I took my knitting and seamed up the first of the five felted clutches and started another. I also worked for a loooooong time on the diagonal rib scarf. See it below? The second chemo cap for Chris's SIL is finished. Photo is below the scarf.

Scary News: When I arrived home Thursday afternoon, I checked our local newspaper online and found out the credit union that most of our school system's employees use for banking had been robbed that morning. Yikes! My first thought was, "Well, at least we were all safe, stuck in that inservice all day." A short time later, Buddy B instant messaged me to tell me about his exciting day. He walked in on the tail end of that robbery! Double Yikes!!!! He was able to give an accurate description of the getaway vehicle, which was found, abandoned. The bad guys have not been caught. Scary stuff. No one was hurt, which is what matters most. The ladies that work at our credit union are like family.

Coming up: My Sheep Shop wool and pattern for the raglan sweater should be arriving any day now. I have also decided to try my hand at cables by making this Irish Hiking Scarf . My LYS is now carrying Plymouth Encore yarn (75% wool, 25% acrylic) which is washable wool, so I picked up two skeins when I dropped in to get buttons for the first felted clutch. I have the additional felted clutches to make, of course. Number two is on the needles.

You know me... I can't have just one or two projects going. Besides, I'll be sitting at school without students for Parent/Teacher Conferences two days next week. And I'll have two days without kids since they are going with their dad for Thanksgiving.


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