Friday, November 03, 2006

Finishing Touches... Friday Surprises

The knitting on the felted tote is almost complete, thanks to another evening with Grey's Anatomy. I've gotten to the handles and now have only 8 rows until cast-off. Then I can sew up the bottom and toss it into the wash for felting! Maybe I'll finish it tonight, unless I get a better offer.

Baby kimono is blocked and dried. I found adorable ribbon for the ties; sort of a canvas ribbon that says "All Boy" over and over in a rustic red. This weekend I will sew up the sides of that little sweater and attach the ties. This is a good thing, since the staff here at school is throwing a little baby shower for the recipient on November 10. The notice was in my mailbox this morning.

Sometimes Fridays bring pleasant surprises, besides being Friday. Mayhem and Absent-Minded Professer were exceptionally cooperative this morning. They were dressed, teeth brushed and ready to leave before we had to go! We left the house and were greeted by a dusting of *snow* on the ground. I love *snow* To top it all off, I managed to arrive at school on time, not rushed (thanks Kids!), and was greeted by Buddy B bearing a grande Starbucks coffee with my name on it. What a friend!


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