Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Election Day and Expectations


I don't care how you vote. (Well, maybe a little, I do!) Just go vote!

Guess what I did? (Besides going to vote!) I finished the felted tote. Yay me! And I must say, it's fantastic. Better than expected. Don't you just love it when something turns out better than expected?

(measuring tape showing 17" tall)

There's always that little nervousness when tossing something that took hours and hours to knit into a Kenmore of super hot water with some old blue jeans on purpose.

It's a great deal like inviting some of your life-long friends to your house to have dinner with friends you know from work... you just aren't sure if the mix will be good or not. You fret, and hover, and in the end, it works out to be just fine. A great gathering. The groups blending effortlessly into a sight to behold; so colorful and lively. You find yourself standing back watching and wondering what you were ever worried about in the first place, amazed at the transformation from loosely knit to tightly woven.

The end result is beautiful.


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