Monday, January 08, 2007

A Gift for the Birthday Princess

This is my best friend. My best friend since 3rd grade. She turned 40 this past weekend and was the Birthday Princess. K2 refused to be Queen... some crap about queens being old. We have seen each other through good times, bad times, hilarious times, our weddings, bad hair, the births of our children, and some of the most painful times in our lives. We've covered for each other, bailed each other out of scrapes and through it all, been brutally honest with each other.

Since she has done me the honor of being my best friend for the past 32 years, and was thoughtful enough to turn 40 before me (and with such grace!), I thought it only fitting that K2 receive the first finished object of 2007 as her birthday gift.

Happy Birthday, beautiful friend! Hope you're feeling better today! I love you!


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