Friday, December 29, 2006


I'm seeing green.

Not really, but I have been working on the green raglan sweater, and enjoying it immensely. I cast on yesterday, got the bottom ribbing done for the front (or is it the back?) and have been working on the body of that section. Miles of stockinette stitch. It's not boring because there's just enough color variation in the yarn to keep me wondering if it's going to get a little lighter next or darker next. Gosh, am I easily amused or what? Don't answer that! It's also not boring because holy cow - I'm knitting a sweater! And, here's the kicker: I'm going to keep it.

Now, you already know I am not a monogamous knitter. I can't just knit this sweater and have nothing else going on. That would be... well... insane. Only one project going at once?

I am making Irish Hiking Scarf #2. I enjoyed the first one so much that I almost immediately started a second one. It's made of self-striping Paton's Soy Wool Stripes in a pink, green and cream colorway. I don't know who will end up owning this IHS, but it is definitely a feminine scarf.

Also on the needles is yet another felted clutch. My best friend in the entire world, my lifelong friend Karen, will be having a milestone birthday on January 6. She loves when I make her gifties, so she will be receiving a little purse for her birthday. It's the least I can do in exchange for all the grief I'm gonna give her once she is older than I am again!!!

Looking at the calendar I'm realizing I need a new calendar for the kitchen. For about six years now I have used The Mom's Family Calendar and I won't go back to anything else. Each family member has a column for the month and the days run down the side of the calendar vertically. I guess that's what I will purchase with the B & N gift card from my parents... but I also have a credit at Borders. Hmmmmm. Decisions, decisions.

One more thing... I finally had a chance to track down another LYS that I knew existed but hadn't had time to seek out. Fiber Works is a great shop in an old building. This store just keeps going and going! And I found some yummy Malabrigo in lime and green. I found Lilac colored Plymouth Encore. And their Brown Sheep Bulky is the lowest price I've ever seen!

OK, I'm done now. Can you say, "too much coffee"?


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