Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Christmas Musings

Wow, what a Christmas!

There were some amazingly beautiful moments that I captured with the camera in my mind, but not my digital camera. Christmas Eve Mass, said by the same priest I had for my high school religion classes, Father Keith... He still knows me by name, and still greets me with a hug; happy that I drove my parents to the late Mass since he knows they can't drive in the dark. "Try finding a priest on Tuesday," he said, "If you do it will make CNN!"

~My sisters loved their small felted purses so much that their daughters, my three nieces, promptly put in orders for some of their own.

~My kids hugging each other, thrilled with the gifts they had picked out for each other.

~The joy radiating from the faces of my parents as they had the house filled with all of their children, grandchildren and even all three of their great-grandchildren.

Some moments I did capture digitally and can share here, like the kids and Labs ready to set out to Oma's house...

And Mayhem's face when she opened Baby Alive. The sqeal she emitted was priceless! The doll's face has changed since my younger sister received the same doll thirty years ago, but she still performs the same bodily functions. I still find her repulsive. Mayhem's cousins found her fascinating albeit anatomically incorrect.

Absent-Minded Professor's face upon opening his metal detector showed his disbelief at actually receiving said item.

We can't leave out The Fruitcake Shirt, which now accompanies The Fruitcake of 1999 which is passed among us sisters. The box is signed annually from the giver to the giftee... a trophy of sorts.

And the first ball of yarn wound with a gift to myself - my ball winder. Sheep Shop wool, another gift to me. It's time to start that sweater.

Hope your Christmas was Merry and you were with people you love!


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