Thursday, January 04, 2007

Roll Call

Last night I was thinking about what I accomplished in terms of knitting (and also crochet) last year. I wasn't keeping an accurate log, but decided I should try to list everything I finished just to see just how much I really did get done. So, here goes...

2006 Finished Objects

*1 Basket Weave afghan - knitted (very large)
*6 Clutch You'll Never Give Up felted purses
*4 knitted hats for my kids
*1 crocheted scarf for Mayhem
*1 Felted Tote from One Skein book
* 3 bibs from Mason Dixon book
*1 Baby Kimono from Mason Dixon book
*1 Irish Hiking Scarf (first cables!)
*4 Chemo caps
*3 Granny square baby afghans (crochet)
*6 knit cotton dishcloths
*1 wool hat for a friend
*1 baby hat
*1 set of wrist warmers/fingerless mitts
*1 garter stitch scarf for my sister

Total: 35 completed projects

And those are the ones that I can recall. Nothing too big or ambitious, except for the afghan. I didn't tackle anything really challenging until starting to learn cables late in the year, in order to make the Irish Hiking Scarf. But now that I look at it, I really did get quite a bit done, and it's time to challenge myself with some bigger projects.

I can clearly see from that list that I go for small, simple and almost-instant gratification projects. That probably won't change, because I can whip those items up quickly and gift them. (Only three items on that entire list were kept for myself!) However, the above list serves to remind me that I am more than competent with the basics and ready to branch out.

Somebody kick me out of my comfort zone, already, would ya? OK, you all jumped way too fast! Before you really do that, let me tell you that I already have some Lorna's Laces Lion & Lamb here ready to go, just waiting to be transformed into Clapotis. When I finish my raglan sweater I plan to start on that.

You'll hear the distress calls, I'm sure.


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