Friday, January 12, 2007

2 Minutes

Remember the picture of the yarn swift I posted? The one that I just purchased on eBay? It arrived yesterday, and it's great! It was packaged up safely and even came in its own little fabric drawstring bag for storage. I just happened to be at home sick yesterday when the mail carrier delivered the box, so I put the swift together in less than two minutes, without tools. Really. It took me longer to open the Priority Mail box and then get the bubble wrap open! (I had to save the bubble wrap for Mayhem and Absent-Minded Professor, you know.)

Then came the real fun. I had a second hank of the Lime Blue Malabrigo sitting out waiting to be wound. Watching the clock while turning the the handle on the ballwinder, with the swift spinning smoothly round and round, I had a tidy ball of yarn in almost no time. In fact, it took just 2 minutes. Seriously. 2 minutes. No knots. No tangles. Wheeeeee! What else could I wind?

Last night, while wrapped up on the couch watching Grey's Anatomy, I worked on the raglan sweater. I promise to post a photo of the miles of green stockinette soon. It's cold enough now to feel like it's worth working on!

Mostly yesterday I just slept... about 16 hours, I think. Today I'm back at work, but could have used another day at home. Unlike teachers, though, there aren't substitutes for school counselors. I just get further behind. Buddy B joked that when I called in sick I should have requested him as my sub. Anyway, Monday is a holiday and a day off, so I decided to tough it out today. Good thing I came in. I've been swamped with kids... and I can pass the germs back to them.


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Hey, thanks for dropping by my site and leaving a comment! If you'd like to see some of my tatting, I have it up at Toxophily, my other blog. As a novice but enthusiastic knitter, I'll add you to my reading list.

Friday, January 12, 2007 at 2:41:00 PM EST  

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