Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Blizzard, anyone?

Not the sweet kind you get at Dairy Queen, although that does sound kind of good right now.

Here in NW Ohio, we have a Blizzard Warning until tomorrow sometime. Blowing and drifting snow. A foot of snow predicted. Less than half mile visiblity. There was no school today, and, as of 7:00PM, we are off for tomorrow as well.

What did I do? First, I took a photo of my completed headband which matches my Irish Hiking Scarf.

I knitted. The back of my green raglan sweater is complete! I immediately cast on for the front. Well, not quite. I did have to wind more yarn first. See these three yarn cakes? All three of these are considered the same color.

And a snowy day is not complete without a couple of snowdrift photos. This is my backyard neighbors' house. See the bikes? There's a pink one to the right of the green trampoline. Photo one was taken around 3:30 this afternoon.

Photo two around 5:45PM.

As of 7:00PM, the bikes are gone. Swallowed up by the snowdrift. Keep your small animals indoors! Kids too, come to think of it.

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Blogger Susan said...

Your felted clutches are brilliant! I especially love the blue/gray combo.
And Yowza you've got snow. Good thing you've got your cute headband & scarf to keep you warm:)

Wednesday, February 14, 2007 at 1:35:00 AM EST  

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