Monday, February 12, 2007

Will it or won't it?

"Get ready for the big one," the forecasters are saying. Yeah, whatever.

"Eight to twelve inches of snow are expected before all is said and done." I'll believe it when I see it. Seriously. We have only gotten about 8" of snow total all winter so far.

So, will it or won't it?

Just in case, I brought in more firewood for the woodstove. Mayhem, Absent-Minded Professor, and I stopped at the library for books. I prepared a crock pot of chili that is ready to turn on tomorrow. There's more than enough yarn for knitting. My car has a full tank of gas. There's plenty of milk, bread and eggs in the house, coffee, hot chocolate, and cereal. Enough dog food? Yep.

The ear warmer/headband to match my Irish Hiking Scarf was completed last night, so IF I have to go shovel snow, I will be warm.

Bring it on, weather man!



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