Tuesday, March 27, 2007

All Over The Place

Another blogger, Tiennie, asked what readers have been up to recently. I can say that I haven't been doing nearly as much knitting as I want. I've been up to my ass in alligators at work. Major stress. Being an educator isn't all bad. This week Borders was giving a 25% discount to current and retired eductators. I was able to buy Last Minute Knitted Gifts at a discounted rate.

The past two nights I have been in bed by 10:00 after having napped in the afternoon, and slept all night. Knowing me and my sleeping problems, two nights in a row of sleep usually means trouble. "Are you dying, or what?" my Buddy B asked me today. Not dying, but catching something. I have a fever of 100.6. No major symptoms, just tired and feverish. Not even a sore throat. To add injury to insult, the past two days have been 75 degrees or warmer, absolutely beautiful, and I've felt like a slug.

It's not all bad around here, though. I won another little blog contest, which was a pleasant surprise. Once Stick Chicky and I get our emails coordinated, I will be the proud owner of another yarn prize. Yarn in the mail is always something to look forward to!

Speaking of yarn in the mail, look what arrived from The Loopy Ewe yesterday:

The top picture is a more accurate depiction of the colorway, which is called "Java." This lovely stuff will eventually be socks for my dad. The bottom photo gives you an idea of all the different colors in this deep, dark yarn.

And a little shot of spring for you all, before my crocuses are all gone...

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Blogger Lufah said...

Take it easy and try to feel better - being sick when the weather is nice is such a bummer. :P

Wednesday, March 28, 2007 at 7:51:00 AM EDT  
Anonymous tiennie said...

Hope you're feeling better soon! That pretty pretty yarn can sure cure me. And wow! Another win?

P.S. Thanks for the linky-link!

Wednesday, March 28, 2007 at 8:22:00 PM EDT  

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