Thursday, October 28, 2010

Four Years

A funny thing happened last night, while I couldn't sleep. I noticed, while looking at the sidebar of my little blog, that I have been writing here for four years now. Happy Blogiversary to me!

So much has happened in the past four years, but one thing has remained constant. Knitting. Even when I haven't been able to knit because of physical limitations, like right now with my shoulder issues, I think about knitting, or plan future knitting, or read knitting books. My corner of the couch is piled high with knitting books and magazines, and skeins of yarns to fondle. I even cheat and knit little projects like dishcloths, or afghan squares; albeit very slowly. Snails' pace slowly.

Some Ravelry friends and I are swapping 12" squares every other month. The goal is to eventually have enough squares to make afghans for ourselves. Being newer to this swap group, I have only received (and sent out) two squares so far, but others are getting close to having small blankets. Last night I started square #3, again, slowly because of pain. In less than a week the orthopaedic surgeon and I will decide if surgery is the best option for resolving this whole mess.


August/September square and goodies I received.

On my fridge I have a magnet that says, "I knit because I'm smarter than you." Really, knitting doesn't take a lot of smarts. If you can read, you can teach yourself to knit. (I did!) BUT, I credit knitting from keeping my brains from turning completely to mush while I'm job hunting. I'm smart enough to do something that exercises my brain and helps keep me mentally sharp. Gauge. Stitches per inch. Reading patterns. Meters vs. yards. It all keeps me from totally losing my mind these days.

Today I helped Absent-Minded Professor with his algebra homework. (Yes, he's in high school now... eeek!) After walking him through the challenge problem, the very last problem, he asked, "How do you know how to do this stuff?" My answer?


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