Sunday, October 10, 2010

Perfect 10

People all over the world are commenting on today's date: 10-10-10. Has today been a perfect 1o for you?

Here in the Midwest, the trees are trying to change colors, but temps are reaching the mid-80's. Yesterday we spent a great deal of time in the car, having decided to visit Mom and Dad for the day. There's a new addition at the old house where I grew up. It seems strange, but it's totally necessary, and I'm thankful for my brother-in-law, my niece's husband, and his father who gave up their Saturday to build the ramp.


The sky looked like this on the way home, and I had to take time to marvel in the beauty of the day. Farmers were busy harvesting with their giant combines, creating a hazy, dusty sky at times.


I spent part of the afternoon napping and knitting in a lounge chair in my sunny backyard today. Listening to Jimmy Buffett. In shorts. Barefoot. It's October, people!!! Really, though, with not a cloud in the sky, and an intermittent breeze, the day was one of those perfect 10 kind of days that you want to file away for revisiting later. With as dry as it has been, the wind through the leaves sounded almost like rain.


While my chocolate Lab and I soaked up the sun, my two "guys" retreated to the shade. Wimps! ;-)


Like a true Midwesterner, I know that this kind of Fall usually means something, and that "something" usually equals a big Winter. That doesn't scare me, but it does take some preparation. Do I look prepared?


I was kind of hoping that the firewood would reach ALL the way to the ceiling of the back porch. Oh well.

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Blogger Susan said...

i'll keep you in my thoughts for the perfect job!!!!

Friday, October 15, 2010 at 12:28:00 PM EDT  

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