Sunday, October 31, 2010

They don't grow up...

Meet Bruno. He's nine years ol...I mean young. Yeah. Nine years young. Slower than he used to be, but not out of the game yet, by any any means. Factor into the equation the fact that we weighs 112 lbs. and, well, lots of games are played by his rules.


Bruno's favorite game is tug. See him holding the knotted rope in his mouth?


He really wants Bill to play. Bill is MY favorite person. Bruno quickly learned that Bill is a "dog" person. You know, one of those people that loves dogs. You know who they are. And you know if you are or aren't one. Bruno can just tell that Bill loves animals of all kinds, including dogs. He's been known to carry on whole conversations with the two furry family members here at my house. (Shhhhh! they don't really know they are dogs!)


Of course, Bill obliges Bruno with a rousing game of tug! Bruno wrestles the rope away from Bill and runs away with it. Then he brings it back for more.


Once the game is done, Bruno decides he has to climb up in Bill's lap and give him hugs and kisses, too!


All of a sudden, there was a loud *SQUEEEEK!*


Bruno was wondering if Bill did that in his shorts, I think. ;-) hehehehe Bill tried to pull a fast one by inviting a squeaky ball to the party. Cut the innocent act, Bill. He's wise to you!

Interestingly enough, my female Lab, Coco, had no interest in playing their sophomoric games. Think I can teach her to knit??

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Blogger La Cabeza Grande said...

Bruno! What a sweet, funny boy. And Bill is such an enabler with the "SQUEAK!"

Monday, November 15, 2010 at 6:23:00 AM EST  

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