Saturday, March 31, 2007

Knitters Treat Exchange (Because I don't have enough to do, Part 2)

Knitters Treat Exchange Questionnaire

1. What's your favourite type of yarn?
Soft wools, merino. Lately it's sock yarn. I've discovered sock knitting!

2. What's your least favourite type of yarn?
Novelty yarns, eyelash types.

3. What's the first thing you do when you visit a new yarn shop?
I inhale and breathe in all the wonderful wooly smells, then I wander and touch and fondle the yarns. I often purchase by touch. After that I look at the books.

4. What other crafts do you do / would like to do?
I crochet, which I learned as a small child. I have been knitting for two years and do that most often now. I also enjoy counted cross stitch, but my children distract me too much to do it regularly.

5. What magazines do you currently subscribe to?
Interweave Knits, Knit Simple

6. Put this type of magazine in order of preference:Knitting / Crochet / Other Craft / Food / Home / Fashion / Celebrity Gossip / Garden
Other Craft
Celebrity Gossip

7. What items do you like to knit / crochet?
Socks, baby items, scarves, wrist warmers, hats, felted purses, afghans. I'm working on a sweater and just joined a sweater KAL.

8. Are you allergic to anything?
I'm not, but my son is highly allergic to cats. No cat-exposed yarns, please!

9. What do you like to* smell of?(*This is not a typo. The question is: What do you like to smell of)
I like to smell of vanilla, citrus scents. In my home, I like crisp, outdoors scents. My candles are lily of the valley, macintosh apple. One of my very favorite scents is of laundry hung outside to dry. I still hang my sheets outside to dry because of this!

10. What's your favourite way to relax?
Knitting, reading. Having coffee with friends.

11. You're stood in front of a Victorian style sweetshop, an Italian cafe, an old fashioned bakery and a dainty tea room. Where do you go first?
The Italian Cafe!

12. What do you come out with?
After sitting and knitting for a bit, I come out with a tall, black coffee.

13. Where do you go next?
I go to the bakery next door!

14. Any other words of wisdom for your pal?
My favorite color is red, but I'm drawn to greens. I'm a slow knitter. I rarely keep anything for myself.



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