Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Keeping My Head Above Water

I'm still here, everyone. Keeping my head above water, putting one foot in front of the other, moving forward. Most days, honestly, I still feel like I'm trying to swim through Jello, but I'm here. My friends are a real blessing to me, and hopefully I have let them know that I appreciate their efforts to keep me connected to the real world.

So what have I been doing? You can "friend" me on Goodreads to check out the copious amounts of books I have devoured since the beginning of 2012.

I have also been knitting, of course.

December had me knitting hats for family members...

I knit a snowman afghan square for a swap. This one went to a friend in Europe.

I knit another icky scarlet and grey hat for a good friend who lost the first one I made him, and mailed it to him as a surprise.

Worsted weight yarn on US size 3 needles is a pain. I'm just sayin'. I told him to take this one to the vet and get it microchipped!

These socks were made on size 3 needles from a yarn called Induldgence, which has sadly been discontinued. It would have made a great Baby Surprise Jacket.


I also knitted a Chickadee Cowl (free pattern on Ravelry) for a charity auction to help a friend's loved one with medical bills related to cancer.


A whole group of knitter friends got together and sent knitted items and she was able to create two big basket of knitted items for the auction.

I made a red, white and blue scarf for Honor Flight participants.

Honor Flight of NW Ohio takes WWII Veterans to Washington, D.C. to see the war memorials, specifically the newer WWII Memorial built in their honor. It is the goal of Honor Flight to make sure that all WWII vets see their memorial before they die. On each flight, a goodie bag of treats is given to each Veteran. Yarn Cravin' knitters got together and knitted EIGHTY scarves to give to the participants of the first flight of 2012, which will leave for DC on April 25. Sometimes participants get a pin, or a hat and a pen and little trinkets. We wanted to make sure this group was wrapped with love!

My darling daughter, Mayhem, turned 13 recently, had her tonsils out right after that, and requested a special stuffed toy to love. Introducing "Gort."

Gort Poor Gort is still missing his mouth in that photo. If you are looking for a fun, quick knit, look up Rebecca Danger's Big Book of Monsters.
He is Mayhem's Track Team monster. My baby girl is doing track and softball this spring/summer. That darn tonsillectomy is getting in the way of everything since she is sidelined until April 27.

Another fun knit, and one for me was this Color Affection Shawl. It's still in the top 20 patterns on Ravelry, and I loved knitting it so much that I am pondering colors for another one!

color for me

It's all garter stitch, some short rows, and M1R, M1L. One section is using 3 colors of yarn, though, and keeping them from tangling was a bit annoying, but putting the skeins into ziploc bags helped with that issue.

Two more friends are expecting babies and I have started working on wee little baby knits. Can't show those off here yet, though. Top secret stuff!!

By popular demand, Bill and I are doing another student trip once school gets out. The kids who went to Washington, D.C. as 7th graders last year begged us to do a trip for them this year. So... we are taking 50 eighth graders to New York City in June when school is over the year. Lord help us!

Before that, though, I have one more big event. On May 18 I am doing Race For The Cure with my older sister, who is a breast cancer survivor. She has not yet reached the five year mark to be considered "cured," but is getting closer. Last year, if you recall, I held a raffle in her support. This year, I will be doing that again, and asking you to support our team as I walk with her. More details to come very soon.

If you want to donate already, here is our team page and I will make sure you are entered into the raffle for prizes!

2. Just click on my name (Karen Yockey) to make a donation if you want to be included in the prize giveaway.

3.Then send an email to me at You will have one entry for each $5 you donate. Your donation is tax deductible as well.

Prize info coming soon, but for sure there will be Wollemeise and one autographed copy of Noni's new flower book, Noni Flowers: 40 Exquisite Knitted Flowers.

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