Saturday, May 23, 2009

Plans... Interrupted

Saturday morning, today, dawned sunny and warm, and I had a plan. I was going to pull weeds like a madwoman and then sit outside and knit to my hearts' content until late afternoon. It's Memorial Day Weekend, after all.

The little people at my house, however had other plans. It started with the phone ringing non-stop and the words, "Mom can you take me to..." repeatedly. My plans went out the window and I proceeded to shower, put on clean clothes, and drive my children all over God's green earth. One packed up clothes, swimsuit and towel and was dropped off to spend the night at a friend's. The other was transported to a video game store to trade in one old game and buy a new game. Unfortunately, that store didn't have the needed new game, so off we went to a different part of town to find the "absolutely must have today, Mom!" game. You know, the kind that is so urgent that he would die if he didn't have it.

I had hoped to share neat flower bed with newly planted flowers with all of you. I can entertain you with this, however. It's the most unflattering photo of me ever taken, and I'm only sharing it for two reasons. First, it documents my career flexiblity and the fact that I may have the option of working as a clown if my illnesses cause me to be canned from my current job. Second, the hair is gonna go. Next Saturday I have an appointment to drastically change the hairdo. That hair has not been cut in two years. (Thanks, Mary, for the lovely portrait of me!) Put down any drink you may be consuming. I'm not responsible for your computer.

Here is proof that I am knitting still. Look! It's on two circulars, even! The pattern is Eleanor, and it's free on Ravelry. You just have to join. The yarn is a custom dye for our sock of the month club by Sarah at Perfect Day Yarns. (Look her up, I'm too lazy to link today. Sorry.)

Hope the knitting is good in your corner of the world.


World War II Memorial, Washington, D.C. 2008

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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Bumpy Road Ahead

Have you been to T-Town lately? Make sure your seatbelt is fastened securely because the roads are bumpier than most. We don't even need speed bumps. That's true of the road of my life, too, right now but there is a smoother road up ahead, and it's coming very, very soon. 18 days or less from today, not that I'm counting.

Mayhem is playing softball, you know, and her team continues to be undefeated. Yay, team! A week ago today she hurt her knee at practice, and it's still hurting. She voluntarily missed a game, tried to play the next game (against doctor's orders - long story) and had to be taken out. Today we didn't even attempt practice. Rest and ice. Ice and rest. I see an x-ray in our future.

During games, I knit. During practices, I knit. Does anyone else? Nope. I'm like a knitting alien. No one even asks about the knitting, or expresses an interest. Not one person brings anything else; not a book, not bills to pay, no other crafts. There's not multi-tasking even during practices. I don't get it.

Here's my latest project close to completion: Thuja socks, from last year's sock club. The yarn is from Chewy Spaghetti, in a custom color for our shop. Yum. Yum. (Yes, I was knitting during a softball game! *gasp*)

Bill's boys are home for the summer from college. Look what the oldest brought with him! Everyone is trying to decide on a name because according to Mayhem, "Blackie is a stupid name." I vote for Kat. My first thought was how in the world are we going to introduce her to my dogs??

And just for fun, I was playing with my zoom lens and took these photos from my car (while parked) waiting for Absent-Minded Professor to come out of school the other day.

That new lens is going to be great fun in Washington, D.C.!

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Monday, May 04, 2009

Spring Happenings

The crabapple trees are blooming here. My front yard has two trees, but some streets are lined with them, almost making a canopy of blooms as you drive down the road. A strong gust of wind sends the petals flying, making it look like snow. They're beautiful, and I had to share.

My entire weekend was spent sitting at softball fields. Mayhem had her Pre-Season Tournament. Friday night it was cold and rained off and on; her game wasn't until 7:00PM. Saturday she played at 2:00PM and it was sunny, but chilly. We all sat bundled in sweatshirts and blankets. Sunday morning, finally, it was warm. Why so many games? They kept winning!

Mayhem had a great weekend. She had several hits, and scored two runs this weekend. Here's a photo of her coming in to home plate. Score!

Mayhem's team won the Championship for this tournament. Regular season play starts this week.
And what do I do to stay sane at the games? I complete my UFO's! Look: My Monkey Socks from last year's sock club. ~blush~ Size 2 US needles. Yarn is Muddy Maumee (custom dyed) from Perfect Day Yarns for Yarn Cravin's Sock of The Month Club.

They have been worn and are warm and comfy. My sock skills are definitely improving, as these fit better than any socks I have made so far.

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