Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Tomorrow is October already. Can you believe it? I know I can't. I certainly don't mind, though, since Autumn is my favorite time of year. The cooler temps have been taking their time getting here to Ohio, arriving just today. I love sweater weather, and have been looking forward to getting out my sweaters and sweatshirts and handknit socks.

Adjusting to my new my work schedule is taking me longer than I thought it would. The earlier mornings are tough for me, for some reason. My days are busy, which is a good thing. So far I haven't messed anything up in a big way, and I am keeping my head above water. Everyday I learn something new. Working in a counseling center with five other counselors and 3 secretaries means I have plenty of people to go to with my questions. Believe me, I have plenty of those! At lease I'm not bugging the same person all the time.

Something that has been really impressive to me is the way two of my student office workers (seniors) have taken a student with special needs under their wings. During one class period, a student with Down Syndrome, whom I've known since she was in 7th grade, comes to work in our office as part of her vocational training. Our senior students have befriended her and are treating her like any other kid. I love it! The district where I work has spent years practicing inclusion - an educational practice where students with disabilities are included in regular education and the special help comes to them. Seeing these three students interact daily is such a bright spot in my day. I shouldn't be so surprised since our special needs kids have been in the classrooms with typical kids for many years now... still, it's nice that they aren't ignoring her, or babying her.

The downside to the busy, busy days is that I have no knitting time at work. I don't even get to knit at lunch, because many days I don't even take lunch! Often my lunch consists of an apple at my desk while I return phone calls with my door closed.

I am knitting at home, though. Right now I'm finishing a pair of socks (from January! eek!). I'm continuing with the log cabin afghan. Eventually it will be bed-sized, but there's no deadline for that big blanket. Even with 4 or 5 pairs of socks on the needles, I desperately want to cast on for the February Lady Sweater. I have the yarn, but think I should finish a couple other things... maybe... sort of...

My latest Etsy treasure is something I must share with all of you! Uli makes the most wonderful chain maille bracelets. The bracelets made of stainless steel are lightweight, durable, very affordable, and great for daily wear. I own more than one, I must admit. She's also a knitter, and fellow Raveler. Check out her shop Creations by Uli! Tell her I sent you.

Thanks for the good wishes for my Absent-Minded Professor and his broken foot. He is mending quickly and didn't need a cast. My darling daughter Mayhem is being tested for Gifted services through school. I'm guessing she will be borderline, but she really does want to qualify.

Buddy Bill and I are planning the Washington, DC trip for the seventh graders again. Tomorrow the kids all get their information for the trip in June, start begging their parents and making financial arrangements. It's funny to me when I think that my own son is in this class! We have also been asked to arrange a trip for the 8th graders. That one is still in the planning stages and would occur right after the Washington trip - either New York City or Boston. June will be busy!

One last thing... A photo of some secret knitting. All will be revealed in time. My portion is finished, though.

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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Playing Catch Up

Last week, just before I was supposed to leave for A Wool Gathering and Parents' Weekend at Wittenberg, my darling son had a small mishap. Absent-Minded Professor fell and broke his left foot! It happened Thursday evening and Friday was spent going to doctors and getting x-rays and getting fitted for crutches. The break is small and we're 90% sure that he won't need a cast on his foot at this point. I was worried Thursday night about my weekend plans, though!

Saturday morning dawned clear and beautiful. Bill and I set out early for Yellow Springs/Springfield. We knew the drive would take 2.5 to 3 hours, and we timed it so that we arrived just after the gates to A Wool Gathering opened. My first stop was Booth 85 where Dianne of Creatively Dyed fame had set up shop. All I can say is yum, yum, yum! I bought fiber, and yarn and on Sunday went back and bought more yarn! Dianne is fun and cheerful and she also had Ravelry buttons!

Creatively Dyed roving

Wool Gathering was loaded with sights and sounds and textures. We saw sheep, alpacas, and so many different types of fibers and people. There were people spinning and weaving and knitting and eating ice cream (yum!). Bill happily schlepped all my purchases.

These guys have the sweetest faces and are so gentle. Meh!

This guy was shearing sheep, and has won competetions all over the country. Now his sons compete against him.

This man and his dogs demonstrated herding. The dog usually herds sheep, but was OK with making the ducks do what she wanted.

After leaving Yellow Springs, we had a short drive up the road to Springfield and found our hotel. It was only a few miles away from College Kid's "mansion" that he is renting with four other friends. For Parents' Weekend the boys were having a cookout, and it was my chance to check out the "Animal House." Really, the place wasn't too bad, and it's only a block away from campus. In it's day, the house was probably amazing - an Arts and Crafts style home with great woodwork, fantastic wood floors, big bathrooms, a butler's bedroom and back stairway to the kitchen. The evening was fun, and we had the chance to eat, drink and be merry with the boys and their parents. They invited some sorority friends over and other guys with their parents. Fun.

And one last bit of fun for you...

Are you sure you're going the right way dear? That sign says you should go...

(That is known around here as a "Bill joke" I put it in just for you, Luv! xoxoxo)

I will have to show you my purchases later!

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Thursday, September 18, 2008

On a Roll

I seem to be on a roll with completing WIP's and making them FO's right now. Here, for your viewing pleasure, is my Dream in Color Shrug. I finished it Tuesday evening at knit nite at Yarn Cravin' (the best yarn shop in town!)

I started this in mid-June, then put it aside to finish Bill's sweater. This is my first big lace project. It wasn't hard once I kept track of where I was in the pattern! (and yes, I know there are yarn ends sticking out, waiting to be woven in!)

This is finished just in time to wear to A Wool Gathering this weekend. I'm looking forward to going, and even better, Bill is going along! We're combining it with Parents' Weekend at Wittenberg University and a quick visit with College Kid.

I've started a hat, and a new knitting adventure. Stranded knitting. I'm knitting the Fake Isle Hat in brown and orange. Photos soon!

Now I need to concentrate on all those unfinished pairs of socks...

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Sunday, September 14, 2008

Wanna Win Wollmeise?

Yes, I said WOLLMEISE!

My dear friend Kristy in Chicago is having a raffle to raise money for AIDS Awareness. She and her husband are participating in the AIDS run/walk and you can enter her raffle for yarn by making a donation to this worthwhile cause. As an added bonus, you can claim your donation on your income taxes.

How do you do this? you might be asking. Totally simple. Head over to KristyLand for all the details. You'll even see pictures of the yummy prizes!

Hey, if you don't donate, it just increases MY chances of winning! I'm just sayin'. You know I already put in my donation!

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Saturday, September 13, 2008

Cell Phone Pics and Finished Sweaters Don't Mix

The photo really doesn't do it justice, but I couldn't wait to share it with you. I was so impatient to share it, that I had Buddy Bill try on the Cobblestone this morning while he was still in his p.j.'s and I shot the photo with my cell phone.
Remember, though, that:

1. It FITS!

2.. It's finished!!

3. This is my first adult-sized sweater ever.

4. Both sleeves match in length and width.

5. It's finished!!!

I bet you probably want to see it, crummy photo and all, huh?

I promise better photos soon. For so many reasons, I love this photo!!

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Sunday, September 07, 2008

Looking For Answers

I have a treat for you today. Bill answers questions about knitting - my knitting in particular!

There's a meme going around asking significant others to answer a short interview list of questions. Here's what my dear, Buddy Bill has to say about it all. Questions are in boldtype. My comments, if I have any (hehehehe) will be in italics.

What is your favorite thing about my knitting? I like the fact that it is a great stress reliever and helps clear your mind of the daily clutter we are bombarded with. Are you saying my mind is cluttered??

What is your least favorite thing about my knitting? Absolutely nothing. See how smart Bill is!

What is something I have knitted, that you recall as good? Scarf, sweater, socks, and some of the things you have made for others. See? Bill has even noticed that I knit for others! One dishcloth I knit for him is hanging on his fridge as artwork. Too pretty to use, he says. LOL

Do you think knitters have an expensive hobby? Every hobby has an investment but compared to golf? He totally gets it. But then again, he has only seen MY stash. hehehehe

Any hobbies? Preparing fine foods, wine, reading, and travel. Travel! We are putting together a 9-day tour of London and Paris for June 2009. All-inclusive: airfare, hotel, meals, tours. Wanna go?? It will be right after Bill and I get back from Washington DC with the 7th graders. LOL I have already found a yarn shop in Paris.

Do you have a stash of any kind? No. Don't let him fool you. Clocks. And the man has a serious things for pens and sticky notes!!

Have I ever embarrassed you, knitting in public? No. It's not the knitting that's embarrassing.

Do you know my favorite kind of yarn? Hand delivered Scottish yarn? aaaaaahhhh, yes. The beautiful gift of yarn that Bill brought me all the way from Scotland. He took a group of golfers to St. Andrews three years ago and brought me hand-dyed silk and cashmere yarn. He also went to Di Gilpin's shop to buy it. But mostly I knit with wools. I love Malabrigo and hand-dyed sock yarns.

Can you name another blog? No Bill does read many political blogs online.

Do you mind my wanting to stop at knit shops wherever we go? Not at all. This is really true! This past Saturday Bill sat at the LYS with me while I knitted and he joked with the other knitters.

Do you understand the importance of a swatch? Swatch is a brand of watch. I prefer Timex. Knowing the time is of some importance. Bill hates to be late for anything! I've since coached Bill on knitting swatches and their importance.

Do you read my blog? Always. Yes, he does.

Have you ever left a comment? Yes If you read the comments, you will find Bill leaves an occasional comment. Or kisses.

Do you think the house would be cleaner if I didn't knit? No. Sad but true. It's not that my house is so clean, it can't get any cleaner. I have two kids, two frogs, two very BIG dogs, and work full-time. If I want time to knit, something's gotta give. If you're coming to see my house instead of me, well, then we probably aren't real friends.

Anything you’d like to add? A great hobby, good for mind and soul, and produces something of lasting value. I love that you know the value of something made by hand, Luv, and all the care and love that goes into a handmade, knitted garment.

Thanks for being a good sport and playing along for the blog today!


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Monday, September 01, 2008

Monkeyin' Around

Holy Toledo! Where in the world has the time gone?

Work is keeping me insanely busy. School started with a rush of schedule changes, new enrollments and I spend the majority of my day at school on the computer fixing kids' schedules and making sure my Seniors have what they need to graduate. I go home with tired, aching wrists. Right now I am averaging seeing 19-21 kids per day, and fixing schedules for 17 of them. I can't tell you how many keystrokes that involves. High school is a whole new world. My 9th graders, whom I've known since 7th grade, have been happy to see me. I'm a familiar face in the big, crazy high school.

I got both my kids back to school without incident, and Buddy Bill got his boys off to college fairly smoothly. Maybe now life can settle down. Maybe. Have kids ranging from a junior in college down to fourth grade just doesn't make for a smooth life, you know? Especially with one in junior high right in the middle!

Bill's sweater is getting closer to completion, but it wasn't done by the end of the Olympics. Work got in the way. I just couldn't knit after being on the computer at work all day. Plain and simple. My old wrist braces have come back out to be worn at night. I am on the decrease rows at the top of the sweater, and I have a progress picture to show you, to prove that it's closer to becoming an FO. I haven't knitted on anything else, which is amazing because there are so many things I want to start, despite having many other WIP's to complete!

My much-loved sewing team, Jen and Wendy at Piddleloop, had another shop update not too long ago and I scored the sock monkeys on pogo sticks! Look - monkey butts! heheheheheh Check out the little banana bag tucked inside.

Buddy Bill just had a birthday and we spent this weekend celebrating. Good wine, good food and time together were just what we needed. My gift to him was time at a glass blowing studio to try his hand at making glass art; something he's always wanted to do. He went Friday morning and made a vase and a paperweight with a great artist he's admired for a long time. Happy Birthday, Luv!

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