Monday, December 22, 2008

Oh Deer!

Saturday morning I took a walk in the MetroPark nearest to my house. As I usually do, I lugged along my trusty Nikon. We had the ice storm, remember? Who knows what I would see! Temps were dropping into the single digits, but I walked four miles, and took many pictures, trying to capture the beauty of the ice storm. Instead, I found something much more beautiful.

Peek-a-boo. Look at the base of the tree.

See the other one at the back right of the photo?

This field was full of deer, at one point I counted 18 there all together. Counting the 5 in the clearing before this field, I saw 23 deer!!
Then, just before getting back to the car, (very, very cold) I found this chattery, chubby fellow near my car. He didn't look cold at all!

Wishing you, and those you love, peace and happiness!

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Saturday, December 20, 2008

A Little Ice Storm

No words, just photos of what hit us Friday morning. We started our holiday break one day early!

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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Sunday I Saw A Camel

Sunday afternoon, I was driving over to Buddy Bill's, and I nearly got into an accident because traffic was backed up for a camel. Yes, a camel. A real life, very large camel. Cars were stopped all over the place for people to get a look.
What, you may be asking, does a camel have to do with knitting?

I'm going to tell you. (You knew I was, right?)

That was December 14, and the camel was part of a living Nativity on the front lawn of a church that I pass on my way to work, my way to Buddy Bill's, my way to Costco... Anyway, it hit me. Only ten more days until Christmas Eve! Wow, I still had shopping to do. (I still do, but it's OK.)

I'm going to digress for a moment here. As far as living Nativities go, this was above and beyond. It has to be fairly simple to procure a couple of sheep, since, being in NW Ohio, we are located close to some pretty rural areas. Living Nativity scenes here include a sheep or two easily. But a camel? A living camel? People were petting the camel and touching it and taking photos. It really was amazing to see. Buddy Bill's comment when I sent him a text message about seeing the camel? "I'll take 2 bottles of whatever you've been drinking!"

Now, back to the knitting. I promised photos of the Ribs and Ruffles scarf I made for my mother. Because it was so simple, and fast, and because, like potato chips, you can't stop at one, I have also knitted another in the meantime. Oh, there's another reason. We're having a gift exchange at work tomorrow and I (silly me) thought it would make a great gift to swap. It's safe, since I know the one male counselor is not participating.

The dark scarf is for my mom. This pinky-red one goes into the gift exchange. Hopefully it will be loved.

Are you ready? Done knitting? Gifts wrapped?

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Monday, December 08, 2008

Itty Bitty

Yesterday was a lazy day. Buddy Bill and I went out to breakfast, napped, watched a James Bond DVD, stayed indoors and ate chili...

While watching the movie, I knitted a mitten ornament for Bill's little Christmas tree. The candy is included for scale. US size 1 needles were used for this itty bitty mitten, and some leftover sock yarn. Sorry for the cell phone photo. You can find the pattern by searching "mini mitten" on Ravelry (it's blocked to me at work!) or check out this link to pattern.

If you have some scrap yarn and 30-40 minutes, whip a couple of these up!

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Thursday, December 04, 2008

Holiday Knitting

How many days until Christmas? Oh yes, twenty one. 21. Sorry, I don't mean to alarm you!

Not being good with deadlines, I made sure to not commit myself to making many gifts for the holidays. Instead, I planned only to knit two for sure, and any after that would be bonus gifts. I love giving hand-knitted gifts, but rather than putting pressure on myself with deadlines, I knit them all year and present them as I complete them.
The mittens I showed in progress last time are finished, and I can now show you the felted clog slippers that have been completed. Both of these items are for Bill's boys, and they are really the only planned knitting for Christmas gifts this year. College Kid (the older) loves his socks that I made earlier this year so much, that I know he'll love warm slippers to wear in his big old rental house off campus.
Since completion of the slippers, shown before felting and after, I have cast on a scarf for my mom, using some yummy Misti Alpaca yarn. The pattern is here, Ribs and Ruffles, and uses just one skein of chunky yarn. I'm using the baby alpaca called for in the pattern. I am halfway finished, and might, maybe, make a couple more, since it's so quick and easy.
Are you knitting madly or taking it easy?

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