Tuesday, November 30, 2010

One Step Forward...

You know that old saying, "One step forward, two steps back"? That pretty much sums up the progress around here right now.

Example: My shoulder surgery has been a great success, thanks in HUGE part to the diligence and hard work of my physical therapist, Isaac. I tease him that PT stands for Pain and Torture. But really, yesterday I had my 2-week post op appt. with the surgeon and Dr. E was thrilled with my progress. He told me I get an A+ for having full range of motion back so quickly. I obviously had help getting there. The doc did say very few people get to this point in two weeks, and even fewer get here with having *both* shoulders done. I'm thrilled. Really! I don't have pain anymore! Even better, I have full range of motion back.

Two steps back? My poor old dog, Bruno. He's battled some nasty intestinal bug that has had him just mortified, nearly dehydrated, leaving accidents in the house (really icky ones!), and he's been really lethargic. It's not like a Lab to not want to play. After lots of tests and labwork and $$$$ and meds for his tummy and intestines, we found out it was a bug and not some parasite or worms. But we also found out that Bruno's thyroid is very, very, very low. Like .4 low. 1.0-4.0 is normal, and the vet wants him in the 2.5 range. Now he's on thyroid meds twice a day.I'm going to have to get creative really soon about how to pay for his meds *and* my own meds!

Something will work out, right? Right? How do you say no to face like that? I rescued him when he was 8 weeks old!

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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Family Reunions and Health Updates

Last week, for the first time ever, I was introduced to part of Bill's family. I met his older half-sister Pat, who lives in Virginia, Pat's husband Gene, and their daughter Shelly (who is a couple years older than I am).

Pat was already 13 years old when Bill was born, so she was grown up and moving out by the time he started to become a person of school age. It's similar in my family; my two oldest sisters are 11 and 12 years older than I am. The difference is that my sibs and I all live close (within 2 hrs) and we all stay close. Bill and Pat didn't stay close after Bill's dad died. He was the glue, the bond they had in common. Of course, I have tried to encourage a reunion. None of us are getting any younger, although I have the advantage, it seems.

Last week Pat and her family were coming through T-Town on their way to Minnesota to see another daughter and we all agreed to meet for lunch. Bill's oldest, now in law school, had the day off school for Veteran's Day and joined us as well. It was a wonderful lunch with me meeting them, and they meeting me. Pat had some fun stories about when Bill was just a little kid that we hadn't ever heard.

I had decided that meeting Pat for the first time was an event worthy of a hand-knitted gift and I scrambled to put together a Ruffles and Ribs Scarf (Rav link) from Misti Alpaca chunky for Pat. After all, they were heading to Minnesota! As a quilter, I knew she would appreciate the handcraftmanship.

Bill and Big Sis Pat

Will, Bill, Pat, Big Gene, Shelly


Ruffles and Ribs Scarf in charcoal.

As for my shoulder issues, well...

Yesterday, Tuesday, I had my big shoulder procedure done. The doc told Bill it was just like ripping open the velcro on a toddler's pair of sneakers. Fun, huh? Only the ripping was being done to the scar tissue and adhesive capsulitis in both of my shoulders. I was thoroughly anaesthetised and didn't remember any of that but as soon as I was awake, I asked for ice for both shoulders. I should have remembered what the last round of corticosteroid shots did to me... but noooooooo. I had to learn the hard way all over again by being awake ALL night last night. I went to bed at 4:00AM and finally looked last at the clock at 4:30. I had to be up at 8:30 to get ready for PT. But if I'm a good girl and, do all my exercises, I should get back nearly all my range of motion. Honestly, I don't hurt on day two post-op, nearly as much as I thought I would. Maybe the pain I had before was so much worse?? I'm sure my favorite physical therapists will take care of that for me though. heheheh
Now I have some holiday knitting of my own to work on... I hope.

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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Which end is up?

Some days I don't know which end is up, whether I'm coming or going, and now, with switching back to Standard Time, I don't know if it's day or night. Nothing seems normal anymore, and I had to get my trusty Nikon out for some photos to help me put things back into perspective.


This is normal. Bruno playing with his "flying squirrel." As you can see, he loves this toy. It flies, much like a frisbee, just not as far. The dog will fetch, and then "kill" by shaking it.


And after play comes a nap. It is good to use your human as a pillow.

Normal? This is probably the last tree on my street with leaves on the branches. I'm thrilled that it's outside my fence, by the street, since Bill worked so hard to get all of the leaves done and put out by the road. Pretty, huh? What's not normal is that it has been in the upper 60's, and might reach 70 this week. DSC_0234

Hey! Get off my lawn!

What's really not normal is the sudden loss of a dear friend this week. My age. Three kids and a wife. D.W. was a former co-worker who had the best smile and most infectious laugh. He could reach the most unreachable students, and would do anything to help out a friend. I wish peace and comfort to everyone who loves him. We lost someone very special here. D.W., my friend, my life is better for having had you in it, and your alter-ego, Maybelline, too, of course. You will be greatly missed.

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Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Did you?

Did you vote today?


Here's a crummy cell phone photo of the sticker I received after voting. It only took a few minutes of time, and I popped in and out of my polling place after visiting the dentist this morning.

I always make a point of voting, even on the "off years" or for mid-term elections. Ohio was voting for Governor, state senators, and the school district where my home is located had a very large levy on the ballot. In the past I may have voiced my opinion of those who make excuses for not voting. My parents grew up in Germany during WWII, and emigrated to The United States in the early 1950's. Neither has missed an opportunity to vote since receiving citizenship.

The right to vote is such a privilege!! I hope you exercised your right to vote today... otherwise, no griping, whining, or complaining.

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