Tuesday, November 25, 2008


There's so much to be thankful for, and I try hard all year to stop and acknowledge all I'm blessed with. Certainly friends and family, my steady job, health insurance and roof over my head make the list. Today I saw gasoline for $1.53, so that is making the list! I will be filling my tank before driving to my parents' for Thanksgiving on Thursday. Buddy Bill is joining my family this year, since my parents have invited him to participate in the family festivities. I'm thankful we'll get to spend Thanksgiving together!

Know what else I am thankful for? Knitting. When I am stressed or need to think, I can count on knitting to be there. The yarn sliding across the needles, the stitches slipping off the needles, the stitches forming a useful fabric, and the whole process calming me; soothing me. Knitting can be social, or solitary meditation. I can knit to pass a few spare minutes waiting in the car, or knit to pass hours in a waiting room.

Right now I am knitting for others; a few holiday gifts. Pardon the crummy cell phone photos, but these are holiday mittens for College Kid the Younger. Mitten number 2 is just at the point where I will put the thumb stitches on waste yarn and work on the hand of the mitt only.

Lamb's Pride Worsted from Brown Sheep is great mitten yarn!

I include all of you when I count my blessings! XOXOXO

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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Alive and Almost Well

Hey, I'm still alive. The fatigue from the strep is taking a looooong time to go away, but I am recovering. I think this is why the doctor says, "Make sure to take ALL of the antibiotics. All 10 days of them." No kidding.

I am knitting. I am working on a pair of mittens for Bill's younger son for Christmas. Mitten one is done and mitten 2 has a cuff. I am getting ready to seam up a pair of felted clogs for College Kid for Christmas, and dash them into the washer for felting. Funny that the older one is College Kid, even though both of them are now in college. Hmmmm...

No knitting photos, but how about this? Boy and Dog:

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Thursday, November 13, 2008


Long time no blog, eh? I promise to be back soon, but I have been temporarily sidelined with strep. Yep. As an adult. Ugh. The closest I comparision I come up with is to have you imagine being hit by a very large bus, but have no visible injuries. The body hurts everywhere. Sometimes I think even my hair hurts. I can't stay upright for more than a couple of hours.

I will blog about knitting and life... if I live... soon.

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Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Just Do It


If you haven't already done so, go get in line and vote, for pete's sake.

Please and thank you.